About Us

Founded in 2022, Hotchpotch Kids was a long time coming for our family. With few local retail options, we'd spent the last 10 years filling our kids' closets by shopping online and at small boutiques when we traveled. 

At the start of 2022, I decided others like me could benefit from an online boutique offering everything you need to complete your child's wardrobe, and Hotchpotch Kids was born.

Hotchpotch Kids is a carefully curated selection of children’s clothes, all of my favorite brands and only the highest quality products. Our shop features brands my kids have been wearing for years, with a few more recent discoveries thrown in as well. Each piece is something I would (or already have!) put on one of my own kids. We are committed to helping you make sure your children are always thoughtfully and appropriately dressed, whether playing in the mud in the backyard, heading to a first day of school or celebrating a special event.